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Escape from Toy Island

From Artist Justie Byrne and Writer Gar Cremona comes a tale about a 10 year old boy who is trapped on a isolated tropical island which has been over run with Toys, which have been brought to life by a magical spell gone haywire.


All he's got is his trusted stuffed toy pony called Ponywhole and a DVD collection of Samuel L Jackson movies.  It's toys versus boys!


Coming in 2016 if we both get the fingers out!

Fallout: Sins of the Parents

From Artist Mike Kennedy and Writer Gar Cremona comes the next story in the Celtic Knights series.  


Fallout, our superpowered man of granite is about to relive one of the most traumatic experiences of his life.  He's always thought that no one else from his Dimension had made it to Earth, but he was wrong, and these other survivors want him dead.


The Celtic Knights must band together to support Fallout but only he can stop this evil legion of killers, set to destroy him.


The Earth has paid the price for hosting humans, in this future we have lost our way and look to the stars to save our race.  Valhalla is a large space station that hosts the population, chosen by lottery, and is the final hope for us.  Some of the people picked to take a place on the station don't want to go, but the survival of the species depends on giving all humanity a chance to survive.  Dexter is an Agent, assigned to chase down those who try to avoid leaving their planet.


Art by Justie Byrne.  Story and Script by Gar Cremona and Justie Byrne.



The Magician of Dublin


Coming in 2018, a complete story in prose, written in 8 weeks on my phone.  
The Magician of Dublin tells the story of Paul Sparrow, the good wizard, who at the age of 90 is ready to leave this existence and join with the Universe.  That is until a scream reaches out to let him know that the balance between good and evil magic is about to be upset.
He must face his past, the losses that drove him from Dublin to Donegal, and the new fashions of the new era.
Filled with magic, adventure, and Irish landscapes The Magician of Dublin is the Young Adult book that 2018 deserves.  Sign up to our mailing list for the release date and a special signed edition.
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