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Pogoroboto 1          Pogoroboto 2         Pogoroboto 3      Pogoroboto 4
Pogoroboto is the story of the Pogobots.  They helped humanity win a war and then were sent off to space to find a planet of their own.  Loaded with the personalities of different humans they have started their own civilisation.  Full of murder, mayhem, and creative swearing.
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Pogoroboto 1
Pogoroboto 2
Pogoroboto 3
Pogoroboto 4
Mike Kennedy Cover                         Scott Cosby Cover     Darkthes Cover
Tim and Lynne is a love story.  Two serial killers meet and start to date.  It's only when they join forces to the authorities start to get involved.  Art by Wayne Cambronero and story by Gar Cremona
Scott Cosby Cover
All sales from this cover go to charity in Scott Cosby's memory!
Mike Kennedy Cover
Darkthes Cover
Celtic Knights Volume 1: The Best of What's Left
When 90% of the Superhero population of the world is killed or goes into hiding it's down to The Best of What's Left to take up the slack and defend the World from the most evil nation of villains we've ever known... which is Wales.
These Irish Superheroes are truly The Best of What's Left
Mike Kennedy art.  
Mike Kennedy Cover
Other covers on request!
Junker: The Stinky Knight
(Celtic Knights volume 2)
After the events of Celtic Knights: The Best of What's Left, Junker is now on the streets of Dublin and protecting it from a great threat.  In The Stinky Knight our brave smelly warrior must face off against Ninja, A Great White Shark, and a giant robot.  Or, for anyone who has ever been to Dublin, just a normal night.
Mike Kennedy is the artist for the main story, but the Mike Kennedy and Justie Byrne covers both include work of Justie Byrne and Darthes.  Bringing in new characters to the world of Celtic Knights. 
Mike Kennedy cover
Other covers on request!
Imagine a group which helps people kill themselves in the most over the top ways that they can imagine.  When Trevor joins this group, a wealthy Insurance Agent, and Catherine, a girl who lives life to get high, they start to plan their Suicides.  Through planning their suicides they begin to find a reason to live.  Their romance though is a threat to the Society and it moves quickly to ensure that both Trevor and Catherine carry out their contracts and kill themselves.
With art from Robert Carey and Cormac Hughes this is a cross between The Firm and Romeo and Juliet.  The Mike Kennedy and Jolene Houser covers feature the story in full colour while the Barry McGowan cover has the art in black and white.
Barry McGowan cover
Other Covers on request
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