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It's here! The complete first set of the Celtic Knights adventures.  Every story by every writer and artist who has added their talents to the story of these Irish Superheroes.  From THE BEST OF WHAT'S LEFT where the team comes together due to every great Hero going into hiding or being killed.  They fight against the greatest evil that the world has ever known The Welsh.  Then Junker, our Stinky Knight, comes back to Dublin to protect the city from a mysterious group.  Ninja, Great White Sharks, and a Giant Robot, it's a typical night in Dublin.  Then we move to the origin of Rubenette, the Celtic Knights Big Beautiful Warrior.  Fighting huge beasts and monsters is nothing compared to the more sinister attacks on her, her own family.

Added to the Omnibus are the Celtic Knights Presents stories from new and upcoming talents to give you the ultimate experience of Irish Superheroes.  As our ever growing stories come to print and online you can join the fun and the journey.  

Comics are for everyone!

Celtic Knights

Volume 3

Rubenette: Sword of the Warlock.


The Celtic Knights Big Beautiful Warrior gets her origin story told, we venture to the Underland, a world similar to our own, just filled with strange monsters and magic.  Swamp Creatures, ever growing beasts, and dragons, they are nothing compared to the greatest danger of all, her family.

Celtic Knights

Volume 2


The Stinky Knight.


The hero that Dublin probably deserves but can definitely smell has returned to his home city.  After the events in The Best of What's Left Junker returns to stop the crime that is gripping the city, but an old enemy has returned to make life difficult for The Stinky Knight.


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Celtic Knights

Volume 1

The Best of What's Left


When 90% of the Superhero population is killed or gone into hiding it's down to the Best of What's Left to protect the world.  Join the formation of this Irish Superhero Team as they fight against the most evil nation on the planet, Wales.


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CELTIC KNIGHTS: The Colouring Book

by Mike Kennedy


Straight from the co-Creator Mike Kennedy this is the colouring book that you know you want.  You get 40 pages of AMAZING Celtic Knights Art to bring to life yourself.  The characters are of the present Knights and the ones that are still to come as we all continue on this amazing set of adventures! Join us and support us by buying these books.  We have so many more stories to tell and so much wonderful art to share!


                                                     Mike and Gar

Get to know our Celtic Knights...

Mike Kennedy Art


As Celtic Knights expands the range of characters and creative teams behind new characters and stories we are pleased to announce an All Female Creative team behind one of our next stories.  For more come back soon as we expand this website.

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